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Access Control

What Are Some Common Features of Access Control Systems?

  • Limit access- Systems can be programmed to allow certain users to enter specific areas only at certain times. Other users can be allowed to enter all locations at all times.
  • Automating Systems can automatically lock a door or gate each evening at a certain time and unlock it automatically at another time.
  • Replace the Key- Managing keys can be a nightmare. If you use a different key for each of several doors it can be cumbersome to carry them all and time consuming to stand at an entrance wading through the set for the right one. Keys are easily lost or duplicated, and terminated employees often do not return keys. Access control systems eliminate this concern because if a user leaves without returning their access credential, it can be easily deleted to deny the former user access. In some systems that access can even be changed from an off site location. In many cases the annual cost of re-keying a facility alone will justify the cost of an electronic access control system.
  • Track Access- One of the biggest advantages of an electronic access control system is the ability to document and report access activity. This can provide you with critical information before and after an incident.
  • Visual Verification- By including color coded distinctive badges access systems can readily identify visitors, temporary employees, contractors and regular full time employees. By including a photo of the user on the credential you can help building occupants know the card user is the person to whom it was issued.
  • Integration and Coordination- Your Access Control System can be connected and coordinated with other systems including burglar and fire alarms, closed circuit television, time and attendance recording, and control of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

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